Accounting Business Software Package - Accounting business software packages are useful for organization for billing, budgeting, forecasting, client/server accounting, databases, expense reports, payroll, etc.

Accounting Credit Card Software - Is an integrated credit card reporting and verification software. Obtains authorization information, eliminating data entry errors and redundancy. Furthermore, supports address verification for mail order companies.

Activity-based Accounting -Activity-based accounting helps organizations to assign costs to products and services based on the number of transactions in the process of providing the same.

Activity-based Budget - Refers to the allocation of resources to specific activities and budgeting activity-wise. Monitoring and reporting are also done activity-wise.

Activity-based Cost - Refers to the control and allocation of cost, activity-wise in an organization.

Activity-based Cost System - Refers to a good activity-based cost management that depends on the type of cost reports produced with details for all activities comprising of cost, time and quality of activities.

Activity-based Costing -Refers to the planning and budgeting of costs, activity-wise in an organization.